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6 Innovative T-Shirt Design Trends That Can Turn Heads!

To make your tees look artistic and eye-catching, unique and spectacular design trends are continuously evolving. These amazing designs can inspire you to shift from usual tees to this channel of artistic innovations. Considering you are a retailer wishing to expand your business, a suggestion is for you to tie up with a well-known clothing supplier whose catalog includes womenswear, menswear, kids clothing wholesale Australia and other fitnesswear.

Striking artwork

From printed pages and canvases, artists have diverted their creative attention to t-shirts. Original artwork designs that are intricate and beautiful or those created by an artist’s fans can be easily translated into magnificent apparel designs. You can show off your artistic skills by getting your authentic artwork exquisitely printed.

 Checkered patterns

The love for checkers has seen new heights in recent years as checkered patterns are producing a sensational appeal. A mix-up of check patterns with vibrant colors and contrasting textures can make fantastic t-shirt designs. This trend is an eye-catcher that is captivating attention all around.

 Plaid pattern designs

Plaid designs made up of multiple colors in criss-cross patterns of different widths are a favorite of fashion enthusiasts. This combination of two colors creating a gradient creates the classic plaid fabric look. Transformed into various shapes, images and texts, plaid patterns are turning out to be a super-cool t-shirt design trend. You can especially go for a plaid patterned tee on a wintery day.

Minimalism and bold statements

Minimalistic, typography designs have become quite popular. Typography designs provide the opportunity for conveying creatively an inspirational, motivational or humorous statement in a bold and clear way. Visionary creatives now often use a minimalist approach for displaying their thoughts through few words only.

Color block designs

Bright and eye-catching color blocks have paved their way into t-shirt designs. Striking and contrasting blocks of color against various shapes create an emphatic look that exceptionally suits urban design trends for tees.

Hand-drawn floral designs

The incorporation of flower power into t-shirt designs symbolizes growth, beauty and a fresh start. A flowy flower design drawn by hand can be the main focus of your tee or used as additional element in a typographic design.

Custom tees are a wonderful apparel choice to reflect your aesthetic outlook. Being a retailer if you are wondering where to buy in bulk online, contact acknowledged wholesale clothing manufacturers USA. Such a connection can make your tees and activewear collection vibrant and impressive.

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